My mom thinks I’m special….

“You should write a blog.”

My mother tells me this at least once a week. This statement has replaced her previous standard of “you should have a baby.” I guess that is something. Mom, a blog is much easier than a baby, and I still can’t manage to complete regular, entertaining posts. But I’m about to try.

So how do you start a blog? I suppose I will name my inspirations; that is, those blogs that are entertaining enough to keep me checking them on a weekly basis. Jen and John at Epbot always keep my attention with Geektastic crafts, real world reviews of books and video games, and sincere posts about their private lives. Jen runs Cake Wrecks and started Epbot with the intention of spreading the love of all things Geeky….I’d say she’s been immensely successful.

Next, for my daily dose of randomness and amazing yet awkward taxidermy, I can’t get enough of The Bloggess. Jenny Lawson is smart, quirky, and makes me feel a little more normal. She is painfully honest about her experiences with depression, which gives hope to thousands and thousands of people that may not have had hope otherwise. My husband and I have a strange sense of humor, and I feel like Jenny is one of the people on this crazy planet that I would get along with swimmingly. And while I’m not sure why we would swim so well together, it still applies.

I am also painfully addicted to Pinterest. This isn’t a blog, but a virtual corkboard used to save pictures of awesome pictures on the internet. These pictures are pinned to individual boards, and the boards can be named as the user likes, allowing similar pins to be linked to the same board. My boards are filled with home improvement ideas that I will never get around to starting, geeky crafts that I will never get around to starting, and amazing recipes that I will never get around to starting. Essentially, it is an excellent place for a procrastinator like me to spend the afternoon instead of working on home improvement, crafts, or cooking food for my family.

Speaking of my family, my husband Brian excels at being awesome, is geeky to the extreme, and takes great pride in his ability to survive extended periods after gaining five stars in Grand Theft Auto. He also shares my love of procrastination, which can make completing our to-do list difficult, but is really good for our Xbox Live Achievement Points. (The more games we play, the more achievements we unlock. We wait patiently for the day that these achievements gain some monetary value.)

So here is what you can look forward to, should I ever post more than an introduction to the blog. Pictures of my cats. Pictures of my dog. Pictures of Disney, the beach, car shows, air shows, nature walks, and random people (I have an obsession with taking pictures of strangers. Not of their faces. That way it isn’t creepy. As creepy. Creep.) And pictures of beer. Because I enjoy beer. Oddly enough, we are watching Beer Fest as I am writing this. And I am drinking beer. Because it is that kind of afternoon.

You will also take a peek into the soul of my geeky fandoms with mentions of Doctor Who, Buffy, Firefly, Star Wars, Venture Bros, all things Marvel, Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Assassin’s Creed, giant robot/monster movies, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Red Dead Redemption, Robotech, Bioshock, South Park, Black Sails, Justified, Regular Show, The Walking Dead or any zombie franchise, vampires that don’t sparkle, and my biggest obsession, the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, which will be premiering as a television series on Starz in June.

Also, another point to make. My grammar will probably not bother most people that read this. I know the difference between their, there, and they’re. I have a firm grasp on your and you’re. If you find an error of that type, you have my permission to make the sign of the devil in my direction. Commas, however, are still a mystery to me. I went to college. Majored in English. I still love a dangling participle. I will own the hell out of a comma splice. I am a fan of the Oxford comma. If you have no idea what I am talking about, then we don’t have a problem. If you give a shit about proper grammar in a blog, you should probably look elsewhere. But you will be missing out on some amazing content. And by content, I mean a picture of a cell phone car charger that looks like a flux capacitor when plugged in. Don’t know what a flux capacitor is? Google it, educate yourself, and don’t come back until you’ve memorized the interior of a Delorean to my satisfaction.

Finally, if you are easily offended, it is probably best to close the window now. There will be talk of sex. There will be talk of poop. If you are too nervous to talk about sex or poop, you are not mature enough to have sex or poop. Think about that for a second. What I’m really saying is everyone poops.   And some people have sex, and it is a beautiful thing. If it is consensual.  And please just walk away if you don’t agree that gays have the right to marry. Cause that’s just a given here.

Otherwise, sit back, buckle up, and enjoy the randomness. Plus, my mother endorses this fucking shit. And she knows some good shit when she sees it.