A Picture is Worth 1,000 New Likes on Facebook

I am a huge procrastinator. In high school, I used to write 10 page reports the night before they were due. And I still got a B. My procrastination has been rewarded time and time again. But procrastination really requires a deadline. Which this blog does not have. Deadlines keep procrastinators motivated. I’ll just have to impose my own deadline. Or something.

And now for some pretty pictures!

I have a confession.  I take pictures of random strangers without their knowledge.  It sounds creepier than it really is.  Sometimes I feel like Lilo from Lilo and Stitch.  Except she only takes pictures of fat people. But I am rather obsessed with strangers.

Here, let me show you…

walk lady

This was at Hillsborough River State Park.  We often take photo walks and this area was especially beautiful with the tree cover and lighting.

old people

One of our favorite spots in the world is Fort Desoto State Park.  Fort Desoto has a campground, nature trails, a fishing pier, and so much Florida natural beauty.  And these people who have no idea that I took there picture.

green boat

More Hillsborough River State Park. Those waters are filled with alligators.  Which makes it much scarier.

bw fish

About 20 minutes north of Fort Desoto is John’s Pass.  It has a boardwalk, a variety of restaurants, cute little shops with beachy souvenirs.  Under the drawbridge, people throw their lines in and watch the boats head out into the gulf.  Also, awesome sidenote, they have a pirate festival every year, John Levique Pirate Day.  They have a pirate ship that sails through, firing its canons…it is so fucking cool.

fish boy

The fishing pier at Fort Desoto.  We love just watching the fisherman pull in their catch….also, the fish school under the bridge, which brings the dolphins in for lunch.


Also at John’s Pass in Madeira Beach, these birds seize any opportunity for food…the fishing boats come in and clean their catch on the boardwalk.  They know where their food comes from!  We know where our beer comes from…the bar that is directly behind us as we took this shot!

syfy group

We are HUGE nerds.  Any opportunity to meet like-minded fans of our favorite shows, we take it.  Our friends started a Syfy Saturdays event in our little hometown of Bartow, FL.  It is free, and is a street festival-type atmosphere. As you can see, Doctor Who and Firefly are well represented.  That TARDIS belongs to my neighbor…it is fantastic!

doctor poo

Doctor Poo!  This is our pup Finnegan.  I made the fez from a party hat and craft felt.  Finn was not a fan.  Doctor Poo only hung around for about 20 minutes.


Not to be outdone, here is one of my four cats, Adelaide.  She is the only other lady in the house, so we have to stick together…We call her “The Bitch” because everything is done on her terms.  Want to pet her?  Only if she is in the mood….but when she wants you to pet her, you better not pay attention to anything but her!

blue angels

Finally, a shot from Sun N Fun.  Every March, Lakeland becomes home one of the largest aviation festivals.  We go every year and I was able to capture this shot of the Blue Angels and their support team.  As these jets zoom around, there is a team on the ground helping orient the pilots to the surroundings.  They have mirrors and are constantly flashing the pilots to help with positioning.  It was really cool to watch them do their job.

Brian and I are on vacation this week, so I’ve got some drinking and playing of Skyrim to get back to…Also, we are working on some really exciting new projects involving superheroes and photo opportunities.  I’ve got a million pictures to photoshop and post from our most recent convention, Sci-Con Tampa.  And we will be roaming around Lakeland Zombie Fest Saturday with our cameras at the ready…which means more pictures to edit!  Check back for updates and like our page on Facebook for more frequent (hahaha) updates!